Two useful software should be on the computer, being royalty-free

 The following article will help readers take advantage of the opportunity to own free copyright of 2 software with useful features, which should be installed on any computer.

HDSentinel - Computer hard drive health management software to prevent data loss (valued at 21 USD)

The hard drive is not only an important part for the computer to work, but also a place to store all of the user's data. Many people lose all important data just because the computer's hard drive suddenly fails after a period of use.

Monitoring the status and regularly checking for errors on the hard drive will help users detect errors early, thereby taking measures to repair or backup data in time, in case data is lost along the drive. hard.

Hard Disk Sentinel (HD Sentinel) is software that can help you do both. This is software that allows to manage and monitor the status of the hard drive to early detect errors arising on it, and at the same time check the hard drive to warn users early if abnormal problems are detected.

In particular, HD Sentinel can also predict the life of the hard drive based on the user's computer usage habits, such as if frequently copying, reading/writing large-capacity data, the life of the hard drive. will be significantly reduced. Thanks to the software, users will know the remaining days for the hard drive to work, thereby replacing the hard drive in time before damage occurs.

HDSentinel is also very useful in case the user buys an old computer and wants to check if the hard drive on the computer is still in good working order and stable.

The HDSentinel software interface displays the remaining life of the hard drive on the computer.

The HDSentinel software interface displays the remaining life of the hard drive on the computer.

Hard Disk Sentinel has a license price of 21 USD and only allows a 30-day trial. Currently, H.D.S Hungary - the "father" of the software, is running a promotion to provide a free license of the software.

You just need to download the special trial version of the software here.

After downloading, install the software on your computer. This is a version that has a built-in license key, so users just need to install and use it without worrying about software license activation.

Note: this is a special version developed by software company H.D.S. Hungary, provided by the author of HD Sentinel, is therefore completely valid and free.

After installation, readers can see instructions on how to use the software introduced by Dan Tri here.

Advanced SystemCare Pro - Clean junk files, optimize Windows with just one click (worth 30 USD)Advanced SystemCare is one of the most highly rated Windows optimization software available today. 

The latest version of Advanced SystemCare has integrated artificial intelligence features, allowing the software to assess the current state of Windows on the computer, thereby taking necessary and appropriate optimization steps, such as cleaning junk. to save hard drive space, fix errors encountered on Windows… to make the computer work smoother and smoother.

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