Tips to get a free license of a series of useful software, worth 203 USD

 The following article will help you get a free license of a series of useful software for Windows, with a total value of more than 203 USD.

Many software companies are having different promotions, providing license codes for their products to users completely free of charge. Dan Tri readers can take advantage of this opportunity to own free copyright of useful software.

Note: the promotion may end before you read this article. Therefore, take advantage of them as soon as possible.

AceThinker PDF Converter - Versatile PDF processing software for both Windows and Mac (worth 60 USD)

If you are an office worker or going to school, many people will probably need to process PDF document files, such as converting PDF files to easy-to-edit formats such as Word, Excel; Edit content on PDF files or cut, merge multiple PDF files into one…

AceThinker PDF Converter Pro is one of the most powerful PDF file processing software available today. Besides the main function that allows users to convert PDF files to other formats such as Word, Excel, the software also allows users to cut / merge PDF file content, compress PDF files to reduce size or set a security password. Protect PDF files…

One advantage of the software is that there are both versions for Windows and Mac, allowing users of both operating systems to choose to use.

Tricks to get a free license for a series of useful software, worth 203 USD - 1

By default, AceThinker PDF Converter Pro software has a license fee of 60 USD for a year of use, while the trial version is limited in features and number of days of use. Currently, AceThinker software company is having a promotion to provide a free license code of the software, with an expiry date of one year.

To take advantage of this promotion, readers can download the trial version of the software here (Windows version) or here (Mac version).

After installing the software on the computer, a dialog box appears asking the user to enter the license key to activate the software. You click the "Active" button in this dialog box. In the next dialog box that appears, enter the following license code in the blank box and then click the OK button: "34F74-B7B1Q-M3FM4-F351C".

Tricks to get a free license for a series of useful software, worth 203 USD - 2

Thus, you have completed the steps to activate the software license. Now you can use AceThinker PDF Converter Pro with full features without any restrictions. The license key is valid for one year.

FotoJet Collage Maker - Collage software that helps merge multiple images into one (worth 40 USD .)

Sometimes we want to combine many different photos into a single frame for some reason, such as photos of an outing, different portraits of many friends or you want Combine 2 photos into one to compare...

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