PosX - the transformation of Hosco's point of sale software

 PosX intensive sales software - Hosco ver.2022 with outstanding improvements once again affirms the "sweet fruit" from digital transformation. It can be said that understanding customer needs is a factor that helps PosX improve software quality.

Talking to the press, Mr. Tran Sy Hung, PosX Technology Director, said that with the desire to improve customer experience, this version of PosX is considered to be the most complete and has many breakthroughs and satisfactions. increasing customer needs.

PosX - the transformation of Hosco point of sale software - 1

PosX sales software technology director Tran Sy Hung introduces PosX.


In the past, Hosco has fully met the basic business requirements of the business, especially sales and customer care. Therefore, the new version of PosX will also inherit a store of useful features, but add a series of new utilities: Synchronize data, connect channels on a single platform, manage from overview to details In addition, PosX's interface is appreciated by customers as simple, modern, suitable for many different users.

PosX - the transformation of Hosco point of sale software - 2

Omnichannel sales on the same interface

The wave of the Covid-19 epidemic has changed consumer behavior, severely affected economic activities and disrupted global supply chains. However, the pandemic also opens up opportunities for "escape" and breakthrough in the online business ecosystem. Seizing this opportunity, businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are constantly innovating and improving the quality of customer service.

When it comes to multi-channel selling, many people are still afraid of the complicated process, manual updating, and repeated operations on each different channel. But now, when the need to manage a full set of channels becomes necessary, a centralized omni-channel sales management platform like PosX will help businesses and store owners save resources and costs.

Businesses can easily connect a full set of channels from: Social networks (Facebook. Zalo. Instagram) Websites, E-commerce platforms (Shopee, Lazada, Tiki)... to the chain of Offline Stores and centralized management on the same interface.

Centralized, detailed management

PosX - the transformation of Hosco point of sale software - 3

With simple operations, users can completely synchronize data, manage all products, take care of customers, control inventory, and manage employees, suppliers, customer information. customers… multiple channels at the same time, avoid unnecessary errors and confusion, and make accurate business decisions at the same time.

In addition, PosX sales software also integrates shipping, easily controlling closely each stage: order information, order status, collection money, delivery fee, delivery time, ..

In particular, PosX also owns a reporting system, measuring each channel from overview to details: Sales (by day, employee, sales session, each customer group...), output (by sales session). , employees, customer groups…), make VAT invoices and customize according to user requirements.

Besides, PosX Point of Sale Software also combines foreign technology experts to deploy SAP solutions with SD, MM, PP, QM, FI, CO technologies and configure the system-integrated SAP system.

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