On iOS 16, what did Apple "learn" from Android?

 At the WWDC 2022 event, Apple introduced the iOS 16 operating system with a series of new improvements. In particular, many features are said to "learn" from rival Android.

Widget on lock screen

On iOS 16, what did Apple learn from Android? - first

With iOS 16, users can add up to 4 widgets on the iPhone's lock screen (Image: Apple Insider).

On iOS 16, users can add up to 4 widgets on the iPhone's lock screen. Apple has also released a toolkit, allowing developers to create more new widgets for iPhone in the near future.

Screen is always on

Currently, this feature has not yet appeared on the iOS 16 Beta for developers. However, according to a source from 9to5mac, the Always-on Display feature will be integrated on the official iOS 16 version.

At the same time, this feature is expected to be only available on the two iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which are expected to launch in September. This allows the user to see the clock or some notifications without turning on the screen.

Instead of partnering with Google to integrate Lens onto the iPhone, Apple developed its own image recognition technology called Live Text and Visual Look Up. This feature uses artificial intelligence to help recognize text and different objects.

Mail app improvements

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