Malicious Android apps need to be removed from your smartphone immediately

 Researchers at Doctor Web have just published a series of applications containing trojans appearing on the CH Play store. Some of the software was removed by Google, while others still exist.

These malicious applications have the ability to monitor, gain access to the system, and endanger users' data and devices. Others have the function of displaying unwanted ads on the phone.

Malicious Android applications need to be removed from your smartphone immediately - 1

Many applications containing malicious code still exist on the CH Play store (Photo: PhoneArena).

Some applications even masquerade as anti-virus software. They deceive users by sounding warnings about non-existent threats, thereby enticing users to buy the full version of the application.

In particular, the application "Wild & Exotic Animal Wallpaper" is actually a software containing unwanted advertising. When users download, this application will automatically change its name to "SIM Tool Kit" to disguise. To date, it has more than 500,000 downloads.

The software "PIP Pic Camera Photo Editor" is described as an application that supports image editing. However, it contains malicious code capable of stealing Facebook login information. Worth mentioning, this malicious application has attracted millions of downloads. Another piece of software called "ZodiHoroscope - Fortune Finder" (with over 500,000 downloads) also contains trojans that can steal Facebook logins.

Some other applications such as "Recovery" or "Driving Real Race" are associated with paid services. When users access the application, they automatically subscribe to a variety of different paid services.

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