MacBook Air M1 price drops deeply, should buy or wait for MacBook Air M2?

 With a price difference of about 10 million VND, should users choose to buy MacBook Air M1 or wait to upgrade the Air M2 version?

Referring at many major retail systems in Vietnam, MacBook Air M1 is being offered for sale at a price of about 22.7 million VND for the 256 GB version, down 1 million VND compared to the beginning of May.

MacBook Air M1 price drops deeply, should buy or wait for MacBook Air M2? - first

MacBook Air M2 can meet well for users who love the new design, with strong performance (Photo: TheMoonLightersGuide).

Meanwhile, the MacBook Air M2 will officially hit the shelves in the Vietnamese market at the end of July, with an expected price of about 32-34 million VND for the 256 GB version. Thus, the difference between these two models is up to 10 million VND.

According to experts, with the improvements that Apple brings on the MacBook Air M2 version, this device will quickly create a "fever", even "sold out" in the first time of sale.

"The new MacBook Air series has many performance improvements with the powerful M2 processor. Besides, the machine is also "makeover" with the square design and notch like on the MacBook Pro. both the performance and appearance of the MacBook Air M2 promises to help the product create a "craze" at launch and break the sales of the previous MacBook Air M1," said Nguyen Minh Tuan, CEO of Minh System. Tuan Mobile, share.

According to Tuan, the MacBook Air M2 will be quite suitable for users who want to experience the latest, most powerful and most advanced Apple products. This is also expected to be a hot product in the second half of this year and sales will probably surpass the previous MacBook Air M1.

However, the MacBook Air M1 is still one of the best performing laptops when compared to competitors in the same segment. Moreover, the selling price of this product line has now been adjusted to a very good level.

"MacBook Air M1 will be suitable for users who want to experience a good quality product, enough to meet the needs of work and entertainment without investing too much money. Next time, when MacBook Air M2 Officially launched in Vietnam, it is expected that the price of MacBook Air M1 versions will continue to be slightly adjusted to make it easier for users to own, "Mr. Tuan said.

Agreeing with the above view, Xa Que Nguyen, System Manager of Hnam Mobile, predicts that two new color versions on MacBook Air M2 will attract a lot of attention from users in the near future.

MacBook Air M1 price drops deeply, should buy or wait for MacBook Air M2? - 2

The MacBook Air M1 version will be suitable for users who need a device that can meet basic tasks well, with an accessible price (Photo: Tom's Guide).

"This product may "sold out" in the beginning because Apple's supply is often not enough to meet the market's demand at the time of launch. With a series of drastic improvements in both design and performance, I believe this will be Apple's best-selling computer line," said Nguyen.

However, Mr. Nguyen also said that the price difference of up to 10 million VND compared to its predecessor may partially affect device sales. For users who are on a tight budget or do not want to pay too much for a laptop, the MacBook Air M1 version will be a more suitable choice at the moment.

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