Instructions for getting a license for a series of useful software, total value of 115 USD

 The following article will help you get a free license of a series of useful software for both Windows and Mac, with a total value of 115 USD.

Many software companies are having many different promotions, providing license codes for their products to users completely free of charge. Dan Tri readers can take advantage of this opportunity to own free copyright of useful software.

Note: the promotion may end before you read this article. Therefore, take advantage of them as soon as possible.

SoftOrbits Photo Background Remover - Software to cut and change the background for images (valued at 22 USD)

Normally to change the background for an image, you need to resort to professional image processing software, cut the object out of the background of the image and then merge that object into the new background. However, in case you cannot use complex graphics software, you can ask for the help of SoftOrbits Photo Background Remover.

This is a free software that automatically identifies the objects in the image, then cuts these objects out of the original background frame to merge into another background frame. The software also allows users to add text content, stamp the copyright logo, etc. to their images.

Instructions for getting a license for a series of useful software, total value 115 USD - 1

By default, SoftOrbits Photo Background Remover has a license price of 22 USD, while the trial version is limited in features. Currently, software company SoftOrbits is having a promotion, providing the license code of Photo Background Remover completely free of charge.

First, you download the trial version of the software here.

After installation, click on the key icon in the upper right corner, then use the following code to activate the software license: "BKG7-GVDXW-PALNE-DNQGF".

Instructions for getting a license for a series of useful software, total value 115 USD - 2

In addition, you can also visit SoftOrbits' promotional website here, enter your email address and then press the "Request full version key" button to receive the software license code.

HT Parental Controls - Software to help parents manage their children's computer use (valued at 48 USD)

The Internet environment is always filled with harmful content, especially for children, if they do not know how to approach and use the Internet properly, they can be "poisoned". A content management software is essential on children's computers.

HT Parental Controls is software that allows parents to manage their children's computer use, helping to prevent children from accessing harmful and dangerous content on the Internet. In addition, the software also allows to limit children's computer time, prevent children from accessing and talking to strangers on the Internet or visiting malicious websites...

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