Huawei launches Apps Up 2022 contest

 This is Huawei's global application creation competition.

The purpose of the competition is to inspire mobile developers, supporting them in adopting and integrating the HMS Core toolkit in the development of innovative applications.

This year, in the Asia Pacific region, contestants can register from June 24 to October 9 with a total prize value of 200,000 USD in cash. To be eligible for the contest, an app developer must integrate his or her app with at least one HMS Core service or feature.

Huawei launches Apps Up 2022 - 1 . contest

The total prize value of the contest is up to 200,000 USD in cash.

All entries will be scored on a scale of user experience, novelty and social value to select 21 finalists.

"Huawei is committed to supporting the growth of every developer in our mobile ecosystem. In the Apps UP 2022 competition, we will continue to recognize outstanding students or developers. female mobile developers or young potential candidates to promote diversity of talent," said Rei Xiao, Business Growth Manager of Huawei Mobile Ecosystem in Asia Pacific region. .

In keeping with Huawei's vision of creating a fully connected digital world under all scenarios, this year's competition adds a new category of "All-Scenario App Awards" . This category recognizes apps that are most responsive on any device, like smartwatches, wearables, and more.

Besides the cash prizes, Apps UP 2022 also facilitates developers looking for opportunities to enter the global market. By entering the contest and uploading finished apps to AppGallery, developers can reach more than 730 million Huawei users globally.

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