How to get a free license of versatile PDF file processing software, priced at 29 USD

 The following article will give you the opportunity to receive a free license of professional software that makes it easy to convert and process PDF files.

PDF file is a popular document format, with the advantages of rich presentation content and high security.

Owning a software with features to help convert formats, cut / merge or password protect PDF files ... is very necessary on computers, especially for office workers or students... . are objects that frequently use and come into contact with PDF text files.

Bitwar PDF Converter is one of the most powerful and versatile PDF file processing software available today, allowing not only to convert PDF files to easily editable content formats such as Word, Excel... but also the software. Equipped with features to cut / merge file content, compress PDF files to reduce size or convert other file formats to PDF...

The advantage of Bitwar PDF Converter is that it supports optical handwriting recognition (OCR) technology, which helps to recognize the handwriting in PDF files created by the scanner (at this time, the content of the PDF file is equivalent to an image file). not a regular text file), which helps extract the text content for editing. However, currently this feature does not fully support Vietnamese, but only supports English and some other languages ​​well.

Instructions for installing and activating the software license

By default, Bitwar PDF Converter software has a license price of 29 USD for a year of use. Currently, Bitwarsoft software company is having a promotion, providing Bitwar PDF Converter's license code completely free of charge, with a shelf life of up to 13 months (more than a year).

How to get free license for multi-function PDF file processing software, price 29 USD - 1

- Next, click on the settings icon (3 dashes) in the upper right corner of the main interface of the software, select "Activate" from the menu that appears.

Readers can follow these steps to take advantage of this promotion.

- First, read and download the trial version of the software here.

- After installation, the first time you launch the software, a dialog box appears asking the user to create a software account to use. You enter your email address, password and confirm the password and then press the "Register" button.

How to get free license for multi-function PDF file processing software, price 29 USD - 2

- In the next dialog box that appears, paste the following license code into the "Enter License Code" box and then press the Activate button: "TF33963BA5A12752".

This is the copyright code provided by Bitwarsoft software company, so it is completely valid and free.

Note: Promotion may end before you read the article (code will no longer be available).

How to get free license of versatile PDF file processing software, price 29 USD - 3

Thus, you have completed the license activation on the software and can use the full-featured software with a shelf life of up to 13 months.

Instructions for using the software to convert PDF files to Word format

Bitwar PDF Converter provides many features to convert PDF files to different formats, the most prominent of which is the ability to convert PDF files to Word document format (.doc or .docx format) to help edit PDF files. Editing, editing PDF file content is easier.

The main interface of Bitwar PDF Converter software will default to the function of converting PDF to Word file format. To use this function, from the main interface, click the "Add PDF Files" button to add the PDF file to be converted into the software. You can select many different PDF files to perform the conversion process in batch.


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