Get license for 3 deleted data recovery software, total value of 220 USD

In case you need to recover deleted data or save files that disappeared on your computer for unknown reasons, you can rely on the 3 professional software below.

In the process of using a computer, many times you face the case of accidentally deleting important files by mistake or unintentionally "evaporating" data due to the wrong format of the drive or reinstalling Windows without time to backup. save data...

Note: the ability to recover lost data is not 100% guaranteed and depends on many factors, such as data size, time when data was deleted... Currently there is not any data recovery software. Any data can guarantee 100% search and recovery of deleted data on the computer.

The royalty-free promotion may end before you read this article.

iTop Data Recovery - License value 100 USD

In case you need to find and recover deleted data on your computer, you can ask for the help of three professional software below. You can use each software in turn to recover data, increasing the ability to recover deleted data on your computer.

iTop Data Recovery is one of the software to recover deleted data on the computer that is highly appreciated for its efficiency, interface and simple use.

The software allows users to zone data types (image files, videos, text files ...), search area (each drive partition contains data before it is deleted) to help search and recover data. can happen more effectively.

 By default, iTop Data Recovery allows trial use within 30 days and costs $ 100 for a year of license to use or $ 200 for a lifetime license. Currently, iTop software company is having a promotion, providing a free license code of iTop Data Recovery completely free of charge, with an expiry date of one year.

To take advantage of this promotion, you can follow the steps below:

- First, download the trial version of the software here.

- After installation, from the main interface of the software, click on the setup icon (3 dashes) in the upper right corner, then select "Register" from the menu that appears.

Receive copyright of 3 deleted data recovery software, total value of 220 USD - 1

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