Free license of a series of software that should be on Windows, total value of 115 USD

 The following article will help you get a free license of a series of useful software that should be on your computer, with a total value of 115 USD.

Many software companies are having many different promotions, providing license codes for their products to users completely free of charge. Dan Tri readers can take advantage of this opportunity to own free copyright of useful software.

Note: These promotions will last until mid-July 2022, readers should take advantage of the opportunity to activate the software license early before the promotion period ends.

Advanced System Care Pro - Clean junk files, optimize Windows with just one click (valued at 30 USD)

Advanced SystemCare is one of the most highly rated Windows optimization software available today. The latest version of Advanced SystemCare has integrated artificial intelligence features, allowing the software to assess the current state of Windows on the computer, thereby taking necessary and appropriate optimization steps, such as cleaning junk. to save hard drive space, fix errors encountered on Windows… to make the computer work smoother and smoother.
By default, Advanced SystemCare Pro costs 30 USD for a one-year license, while the free version does not limit the number of days of use, but limited in terms of features. Currently, software company IOBit is having a promotion to provide free license codes of the software to users.

Follow these steps to take advantage of the promotion.

- First, you download the trial version of the software here.

- Install software. During the installation process, it will introduce users to install some other products of IOBit software company, click the "No, thanks" button (as shown below) and then continue to install the software. soft.

Free license for a series of software that should be on Windows, total value 115 USD - 1

- After completing the installation process, press the "Enter code" button in the lower left corner of the main interface of the software.

Free license for a series of software that should be on Windows, total value 115 USD - 2

- At the next dialog box that appears, enter the following license code in the blank box: "7D6E5-5F2E4-E8F03-7822N".

Click the "Register Now" button. This is the copyright code provided by the software company IOBit, so it is completely valid and free.Free license for a series of software that should be on Windows, total value 115 USD - 3

Thus, you can use Advanced SystemCare Pro software with full license and expiry date within one year.

The main interface of Advanced SystemCare Pro is completely in Vietnamese, so it is easy and convenient for users in Vietnam, it only takes a few minutes to get used to and use this software.

Malware Hunter is one of the security software that is highly appreciated by technology and users. True to its name (Malware Hunter means "Malware Hunter"), Malware Hunter's mission is to protect computers against the intrusion of malicious code and other threats.

The software is also equipped with features to protect the computer from being infected with viruses and malicious code from USB or external memory cards, which is a very common way to infect computers with malicious code.

The biggest advantage of Malware Hunter is that it uses cloud computing technology, so the database is constantly updated and works very smoothly. This helps Malware Hunter to be suitable for use on old and weakly configured computers.

Note: the two promotions will last until July 17, so users should take advantage of the opportunity to own the copyright of these useful software.

Malware Hunter Pro - Powerful anti-malware security software ($30 license price)

In addition, Malware Hunter is not only a simple security software but also is equipped with a feature that allows users to clean junk files on the system, helping to save storage space on the hard drive.

By default, the trial version of Malware Hunter is unlimited in terms of usage time but limited in features, while the software license costs 30 USD for a year of use.

Currently, the software company Glarysoft, the "father" of Malware Hunter is having a promotion that provides the license code of the software for free. You can follow these steps to take advantage of this promotion:

- First, download the trial version of the software here.

- Next, visit the website of the promotion here, enter your email address in the "Enter your e-mail" box, then tick the "I'm not a robot" option and press the " Get My Key Now".


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