Free license for a series of useful software, totaling more than 126 USD

 The following article will help you get a free license of a series of useful software for Windows, with a total value of more than 126 USD.

Many software companies are having different promotions, providing license codes for their products to users completely free of charge. Dan Tri readers can take advantage of this opportunity to own free copyright of useful software.

Note: the promotion may end before you read this article. Therefore, take advantage of them as soon as possible.

Glary Utilities Pro - Software to optimize and speed up Windows startup (Copyright price $39.95)

A common feature of electronic devices such as smartphones or computers is that they will become sluggish after a long time of use. The reason may stem from junk files occupying the hard drive, software errors or system errors arising during use ...

In case your Windows computer becomes sluggish or the hard drive is taking up a lot of space for unknown reasons… Glary Utilities Pro software will be the necessary tool to solve the problem.

Glary Utilities Pro (GU) is one of the Windows optimization software with the most users today and is highly appreciated by many major technology sites. GU Pro provides all the functions of an optimal software, helping to fix problems encountered on Windows, so that the computer works more smoothly.

Besides the main feature of optimizing the system, GU Pro also provides many useful functions to help users use the computer more conveniently, such as finding and deleting duplicate files, managing and removing software on Windows. ,recover mistakenly deleted files...

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