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 The following article will show you how to take advantage of artificial intelligence to draw artistic and extremely beautiful pictures.

You have heard a lot about artificial intelligence and its applications and once wanted to experience the real possibilities of this technology. So why not use artificial intelligence to help create extremely beautiful and artistic paintings?

Dream by Wombo (referred to as Dream) is a painting application integrated with artificial intelligence, allowing users to describe the subject of the picture they want to draw with text, the application will then create drawings. beautiful, in different art styles for users to choose from.

Dream's artificial intelligence system with a database of paintings by hundreds of different famous artists helps Dream to build its own art styles for this application and create based on that. interesting pictures.

Dream is the application of Wombo, a Canadian artificial intelligence company. The application is still in the development stage, so many people hope that when it is completed, the artificial intelligence on Dream can create more complete, beautiful and artistic paintings.

Instructions for using artificial intelligence to draw artistic pictures - 1

Some pictures are drawn by Dream.

Some pictures are drawn by Dream.

Readers can download the installation file in .apk format (application installation file on Android) for free here. Currently this is the latest version of the application. In addition, you can also download the older version being distributed on CH Play (for Android) here or the App Store (for iOS) here.

Instructions for using Dream by Wombo to create your own unique and artistic paintings

After installing the app on your smartphone, press the "Try it out" button to try the app for free. At the next interface, Dream will display the artworks that the user community has created by this application for your reference.

Instructions for using artificial intelligence to draw artistic pictures - 3

To start using Dream, click on the "+" icon on the main interface of the application. In the "Enter Prompt" section above, enter the subject of the picture you want the Dream application to draw. Here, users can fill in simple English words to describe the subject they want to draw such as "Dream" (dream), "Beach" (beach), "Sky" (sky) or "Landscape" ( scenery)….

In the "Choose an art style" section below, users can choose an art style for the Dream application to rely on to draw a complete work. Art styles with the word "Premium" mean that users have to pay to use them, however, Dream still offers a lot of beautiful and impressive art styles for users to choose from and enjoy. free use.

In the "Select Image" section below, you can choose an image available on your smartphone so that Dream can create a new work of art based on the content of that image. You can skip this option so that Dream's artificial intelligence can unleash creativity.


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